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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spay Day in Columbus, Ohio

We are promoting NATIONAL SPAY DAY this month, and encouraging everyone with an unaltered pet to "do the right thing," and get that animal fixed.

As you know, Measle's Animal Haven alters all our bullies before we adopt them into forever home, but we are also hoping to convince people who own unaltered pit bulls to get them fixed too. Pit Bull overpopulation is at an all time high in Franklin County.

We have partnered with Rascal Unit, which also has a special program on National Spay Day 2/24 just for people with pit bull terriers. On the 24th Dr. Gonzales at Rascal Unit will do spay or neuter surgery on pit bulls for just $20 (plus a rabies shot!).

This program is supported by Measle's Animal Haven, Colony Cats and by the Franklin County Dog Shelter. We hope that several responsible pit bull owners will take advantage of it and sign up.


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