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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Animal Control in Ohio... it can be different.

There have been many negatives in news this week regarding animal control in Ohio. This week, the persons holding the top two positions in Franklin County’s Animal Care and Control Dept. were fired, everybody’s favorite dogcatcher from up north killed a dog on its front porch with a tranquilizer for “running at large.” Things seem pretty upside-down here right now.

There is excellent news on AC&C out of Calgary.
Attacks by aggressive dogs are at the lowest level they've been in 25 years despite a steady population growth and the absence of breed-specific legislation brought in to tackle canine issues in other jurisdictions.
Ahem… anyone listening here in Ohio?
Bruce said Calgary is a leader in reducing dog attacks in Canada, noting that he often receives invitations from animal services around the world to talk about the work done here to reduce dog bites.
Franklin County, Mr. Bruce spoke when you hosted the Ohio County Dog Warden’s Convention in December… here's hoping some attendees were paying attention.
A new pet owner bylaw was brought in three years ago that included stiffer fines and a recognition that aggressive behaviour in dogs is normally traced back to irresponsible owners. Bruce said both the heavier penalties -- ranging from $350 to $1,500, to euthanizing the dog--and the philosophy of blaming bad owners rather than pets has helped reduce incidents. 
"We want to look at everything that led up to an aggressive dog attack," said Bruce. "We're hoping to find four to six common things that people do that causes dogs to bite. Our goal is not to have anyone bitten by a dog."
In case anyone isn’t understanding… they are having success, and reducing bites by focusing on aggressive dogs, and prevention… NOT how dogs look. And it is WORKING! It’s such a simple philosophy it’s brilliant.

Please take the time to read the article in its entirety. If you don’t already know, Calgary and its model for AC&C is quickly becoming THE model of how to successfully run an AC&C operation. Just to throw in… Calgary’s operation is 100% self-funded through licensing fees, that means $0.00 from tax revenues. Thank you Bill Bruce for your realistic approaches, your success, and for all the work you’re doing to help the rest of North America come into the 21st century.


Mark said...

I like this website. If the dog owners would be more aware on how to become responsible to their own pets, there will be lesser dog bite cases in the country. Most of all, there will be fewer children who would suffer trauma or even die. They are the ones who are usually bitten by these dogs.

HELP FIDO said...

A reduction in dog bites for sure would also reduce the number of ambulance chasers who no doubt like to play up the 'pit bull'/dog bite hysteria. The number of reported dog bites have been steadily decreasing in the US over the past 30 or so years. But to agree with Mark's sentiments, more responsible owners equals increased public safety.

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