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Monday, February 2, 2009

More absurdity from Franklin County Ohio

Rescue groups get deal on dogs. 2/2/09 http://www.columbusdispatch.com/live/content/local_news/stories/2009/02/02/dogshelter01.ART_ART_02-02-09_B1_KLCOVAV.html?sid=101

This has to be the most absurd headline and story I have seen. Does this reporter honestly think rescues are pulling dogs from this shelter and then making a profit? Does she not realize that dogs pulled from a shelter often need medical treatment, vaccinations, deworming, sterilization and microchipping? Not to mention training and socialization which can cause these dogs to remain with the rescue for months and sometimes years. Typically the adoption fee doesn't come anywhere close to covering the expenses to rescue these dogs. Rescues typically rely on fundraisers, grants and donations to cover the operating expenses - not adoption fees.

The Franklin County Commissioners should commend the dog shelter for working with reputable rescue groups. This results in lower operating costs for the shelter, lower vet care costs, fewer dogs languishing in a shelter environment, less trauma for the staff who have to kill dogs when there is no more space, and lower disposal rates to haul away the carcasses of dogs who without rescues would be dead.

Rescue groups aren't lining up at the shelter clamoring to take dogs. Dogs needing rescued are a dime a dozen and rescues have to turn dogs away every single day because there just isn't enough space or resources to help them all. Just take a peek at any Craigslist forum and you will find pet owners begging people to take their dogs


Adam said...

I'm struggling to make sense of today's article. I'm left wondering what exactly the intention is? It seems like a no brainer to me to allow the rescues to relieve as much of the burden from the county as possible?

Brian Cluxton said...

I thought you were making thousands of dollars a year running your rescue? Just kidding, obviously. No one is making any money rescuing dogs from a shelter, it's insane to think otherwise. BTW - how do they know which dogs are "pure bred"? Are these dogs coming into the shelter with AKC or UKC papers? Of course not.

Caveat said...

Who says the dogs are purebred? Oops, I just noticed Brian's comment along the same lines.

I presume the shelter isn't buying the dogs (duh) so how do they figure they are losing money?

Repeat after me: This is saving the shelter money, improving their public image and saving dogs' lives.

Somebody has a problem with that?

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