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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whitehall council meeting 6/17

Members of HELP FIDO were in attendance at Whitehall’s city council meeting last night. All members of council were present with the exception of Councilwoman Thompson, who's previously proposed breed ban failed two weeks earlier. This is one of two monthly meetings where the public is given a chance to speak publicly.

Two pieces of animal legislation received their second of three readings during the meeting. The first piece of legislation was regarding noisy animals. And second, the comprehensive ‘breed neutral’ piece of legislation proposed by Councilman Bailey regarding dangerous and vicious dogs, as well as humane confinement and dog fighting. Prior to receiving its second reading, an amendment was passed changing the required height of a fence containing a deemed ‘vicious’ dog from 48” to 72”.

There are many summer activities the city has planned such as farmers markets, live music and movies. You can find a listing of events in Whitehall HERE.

The next meeting in Whitehall is next Tuesday June 24th. The meeting is a committee meeting and is open to the public, although here are no opportunities for public speaking.

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