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Monday, June 9, 2008

Statement to Whitehall City Council

The following statement was read by HELP FIDO member Anna Cluxton at the Whitehall City Council meeting on June 3, 2008. It celebrated the failure of a proposed ban on pit bulls, pushed primarily by Councilwoman Jacquelyn Thompson.

I would like to congratulate you all on voting down legislation that would have accomplished nothing. You have made the brave decision to look at the true problems in Whitehall, including irresponsible dog owners, and address them in an honest manner.
Most of all, I would like to thank Councilwoman Thompson for having put this proposed code forward. Without intending to, you have done more than you will ever know to change the lives of several people here.
Because of you, I now know more about Whitehall city business, than I know about the city of Columbus. Because of you, I am now more familiar with Roberts Rules of Order then I ever thought I would want to be. Because of you, my husband and I traveled to Iowa City this past weekend and met amazing dog advocates from around the country – including the current world champion Frisbee dog – Wallace the pitbull.
Because I work in research and am a cancer survivor, most of my personal and professional life has been influenced and comforted by the validity of evidence based decision making. But now I realize that some people will not listen to well respected national research, expert advice, and evidence contrary to their personal agenda, when dramatic rhetoric is more effective at getting air time on television.
Because of you, I realize the power that citizens can have in community governance, and my faith in government as an entity that works for the people and by the people has been restored.
But most importantly, because of you, a group of strangers came together and realized a need to work together toward a greater cause.
We have formed an organization called HELP FIDO. Together, along with others, HELP FIDOwill work to help improve the quality of life for dogs and their owners in Central Ohio, and we look forward to starting here in Whitehall.
We will coordinate low and no cost spay/neuter programs, low and no cost micro-chipping, and low or no cost obedience classes.
We will work to implement dog safety educational programs in schools.
We will work to end dog-fighting and lower pet euthanasia rates in central Ohio.
And yes, we will work to ensure that breed bans are never, ever looked at as a way to solve problems. All of this we will do because of your efforts here in Whitehall. So thank you Ms. Thompson.
Because of your actions - something good and powerful has blossomed out of something that was originally marinating in discrimination and ignorance.

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