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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Domestic Violence Forum 6/25

HELP FIDO members were in attendance at a public forum provided by Columbus City Councilman Hearcel F. Craig yesterday evening. It was the first of several forums, focusing on offering help to victims of domestic violence. Also speaking were:

Kristi Timbrook: Legal System Task Force Director, Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence
Anne Murray: Assistant City Attorney, Director, Domestic Violence and Stalking Unit
Detectives Gauthney and Coleman: Columbus Police Department

Columbus Police respond to over 23'00o calls and make around 5000 arrests regarding domestic violence on an annual basis. There is overwhelming evidence that animal abuse and domestic violence go hand in hand. Pets are often used by abusers as means to gain power or control over the victim. 40% of victims delay seeking help because of this. We learned that the
Capital Area Humane Society has partnered with several other organizations to create a program called “Safe Haven” that assists victims of domestic violence, providing temporary foster homes for pets in these situations.

Read more about animal abuse and how it relates to domestic violence as well as the “Safe Haven” program

Realizing the relation between domestic abuse and animal abuse we (HELP FIDO) wanted to learn more about what resources are currently being implemented and are interested in showing our support, and seeing if we can assist in connecting any resources. HELP FIDO hopes to use these meetings to open lines of communication with representatives and organizations involved and will continue show our support and offer any assistance we can .

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