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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Puppy Luvuuuuv

(admin note: posted for Amanda - who still does not have her computer hooked up at home and can't access blog from work. But we love her anyway!)
Here at HELP FIDO, we love dogs. We love dogs with no tails, dogs with bad manners, dogs with one eye, dogs that can't hold their water, dogs with pedigrees and dogs that resemble a heap of spare parts (admin: we even love dogs with only two legs!). We love ALL dogs. We believe that dogs deserve our respect, understanding and compassion. We believe that every dog should have his/her day. So that's part of the reason why we get so hot and bothered when someone decides to deny any dog those rights, solely based on an impossibly hard to nail down breed ID.
Why, our local Humane Society is still nursing a stinging wound courtesy of an individual in Tennessee. CAHS' very own Batman made his debut national television appearance and in doing so, stole the heart of a Knoxville, Tennessee detective.
We had visions of Batman with his new Dad, donning his uniform and ready to roll in a marked vehicle. His potential new Dad even promised us those darling pics, saying he'd be "tickled" to do so. But alas, his significant other succumbed to the media hype and fear that have us believe the problem is the dog. No home for Batman...yet. We'll keep looking. Meanwhile, Batman continues to show us why we do what we do. Sure glad he doesn't know how close he came to being finally "home."
So, to the naysayers, go ahead and keep up with the lies and myths! We're running on pure doggy Luuuv at HF! What could be sweeter?


Jon Low said...

That's too bad about the detective's wife. Batman seems to have such a good disposition. I hope he finds a home soon. You'll keep us updated, won't you?

HELP FIDO said...
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Adam said...

I've seen Batman w CAHS at 2 outdoor event around Columbus in the past few weeks. Both times he was surrounded by dogs and people (just taking it all in like a true celebrity), what a sweet, goofy dog. I'm not sure if he could get enough attention :p

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