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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Dogs of HELP FIDO

Izzy's story:
Izzy is a rescue which a county pound begged us to take. She came to us with her sister and 2 brothers when they were about 8 weeks old, having been labeled "pit bulls" They were quaking bundles of fear and had to patiently be cajoled out of the car.
The day after they arrived they all became really sick with parvo. Her brother Heckle, died 12 hours after becoming ill. Her sister Kota and brother Jeckle survived after being hospitalized a couple of days. Izzy, on the other hand, became VERY sick and was hospitalized over a week. On her 5th day of hospitalization the doctor called and said Izzy is not going to make it. Her temp is very low and she is so weak she can't even raise her head. She is suffering and we should put her down, do you want to be here?
Hubby and I rushed right over. The vet asked if we wanted some time with her before they put her down. Of course we did! We were warned about how bad she would look etc. They carried her in, nothing but skin and bones, wrapped in a blanket and laid her on the examining table. She wasn't moving. I squatted down and got up to her face and started talking to her.
All of the sudden "thump, thump, thump" her little tail started wagging. The next thing we knew she hopped up and started running all over the table and the counter. Full of wiggles and kisses for everyone. The vet called it a true miracle and said if she hadn't have seen it, she never would have believed it. Izzy made a full recovery and was home 2 days later. We decided that if we meant enough to Izzy that it gave her the will to live, how could we ever send her away. So she has stayed and become one of the gang and is a fantastic dog, one of the smartest dogs I have seen. As far as her being a "pit bull"? Nah, not so much but a GREAT dog nonetheless.

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