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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Dog Died Today......

Today another handsome, muscular, square-headed dog felt the sting of a needle, breathed his last breath, as his eyes became glassy.

Today another once exhuberant, happy go lucky dog is placed in a garbage bag and waits in the freezer to be moved to his final resting place.

Today another dog lost his life not because he was vicious and a threat to humans or other animals but because he made the mistake of pushing open a partially latched door and his owner was financially unable to buy an insurance policy.

Today an 18 month old little boy lost the friend who shared peanut butter kisses and cuddles on the couch.

Today another rescuer shed a tear for you, for not being allowed to be your lifeline.

Goodbye sweet boy. I know you will be missed and will not be forgotten.

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