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Monday, July 21, 2008

Verizon's new ad

Hello everyone - haven't posted in a while, thanks to others in HELP FIDO for keeping up with the blog. You may have heard about this but Verizon Wireless has a new commercial out that shows a guy climbing a fence into a junkyard to get his cell phone and trying to avoid two pit bulls. You can see the video here. Personally, I find it outrageous and have contacted Verizon about this. Thankfully, a lot of dog owners are upset about this and the story has made the advertising magazines. To send your own views to Verizon management - here's a page with the Corporate bigwigs.
Admin edit: Marni Waldren is the regional President of the midwestern area. You can email her directly. Please make sure to let her know if you are Verizon customer. Also - BAD RAP has some nice postcards you can print out and mail in.

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