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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Legislation Passes In Whitehall

Hello all. Dr. Mandi here to fill everyone in on what happened at the July 1st meeting of the Whitehall City Council. So, first things first...VICTORY. Amendments to Chapter 505 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Whitehall entitled "Animals" were finally adopted. There was only ONE vote against the ordinance and it came from our old friend, you guessed it, Jackie Thompson. Councilwoman Leslie Lacorte surprisingly voted "yes" and added something to the effect that she hopes this doesn't come back against "us".

What does this mean for HELP FIDO and our supporters you might ask? Well it's really just the tip of the iceberg. Now our real work will begin! Getting the legislation passed was only round one. Enforcement is going to be the hard part. Mayor Wolfe will need to get to work on appointing an appeals board, enforcement decisions will need to be made, and word needs to get out to the Whitehall community that there are programs to help them comply with the new laws and to help them to be responsible pet owners. At HELP FIDO we will make ourselves available to help with all steps of the process.

The passing of the revised ordinance wasn't the only notable occurrence at the meeting. As usual, Ms. Thompson was very vocal concerning her opinions on BSL as well as her opinions on HELP FIDO's involvement in Whitehall. She quoted a letter written to a Pit Bull website concerning the drafting of the new legislation which mentioned that a majority of HELP FIDO members were active in helping to re-write existing Whitehall animal laws and that we did not reside in Whitehall. She said that she was "outraged" and "never thought she would see the day when outsiders would come in and dictate how we should live here in Whitehall." What Ms. Thompson doesn't understand is that what happens in Whitehall doesn't stay in Whitehall. The legislation that is passed in that community has the potential to affect all of the surrounding communities. So if BSL is passed in Whitehall, many surrounding communities may consider following the same path. In fact, Ms. Thompson was trying to follow the path of Bexley and Reynoldsburg, and in doing so would not have been a doing a thing to help citizens and instead punishing good responsible members of the community.

It seems funny how Ms. Thompson uses examples and "facts" from communities and municipalities outside of Whitehall when it suits and supports her arguments, however, she is reluctant to let "outsiders" voice their opinion. Isn't that being a bit hypocritical? Hmmmmm Ms. Thompson?

Ms. Thompson also mentioned an "altercation" that occurred at a Whitehall music in the park event a couple of weeks ago. Again she failed to get her facts straight before preaching to the council. She made it sound like there was an incident between several "pit bulls", when in fact the altercation mentioned was between the dog owners and the dogs NEVER got involved. In fact, they never misbehaved or showed aggression in any way. IT WAS THE OWNERS. As usual owner irresponsibility caused the problem and the reputation of the breed suffers as a result.

She also explained that Whitehall is in their "current mess" because previous leaders made poor decisions and the passing of the new animal legislation is, in her opinion, another one. Now here's a question...if Ms. Thompson is so concerned about making poor decisions and is worried about the safety of "her" community wouldn't she have voted yes to the new ordinance hoping that it would at least provide for some increase in safety and quality of life of the residents of Whitehall? Hmmmm.........

There was also some concern by several council members regarding a letter in the Whitehall News that many thought was slanderous towards Ms. Thompson. Here's the link http://tinyurl.com/3z6mhx . Read the letter and decide for yourself but I think it wasn't slanderous at all. Calling for the removal of Ms. Thompson from the city council is simply one person's opinion, nothing slanderous about that.....we live in a democracy where free speech is a right....GOD BLESS AMERICA. Ms. Thompson takes advantage of expressing her opinion about lots of things every chance she gets.....she gives opinions about BSL, about "outsiders", about other city council members, "pit bull" owners (or should we say evil doers)..... Slanderous Ms. Thompson? You know what the say, "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones", I hope you have a lot of Windex Ms. Thompson to clean all of that glass.

Well, that's all for now folks. Onward and upward to continue helping HELP FIDO to fight the good fight in ALL communities.


Anna Cluxton said...

You said it sister!!

Caveat said...

Great news, good post.

Somebody should tell Thompson that if it's written, it's libel and if it's spoken (as in the case of her remarks) it's slander.

Also, stating facts or quoting someone is not libel, nor is asking questions - lying with the intent of ruining someone's reputation is.

Anyway, congratuations, looking forward to your ongoing activities, you outsiders you...

Anna Cluxton said...

Thank you!!! And thank you for the blogroll and all your comments!! :-)

Yeah - Mandi didn't really go into it but I got very upset by Thompson's comments. First - the comment from the Pitbull Forum she read out loud was mine....I felt so violated. Second, she left out some words and put the stress on others which made it sound as if I/we were looking down on Whitehall. The part she left out was how we were committed to stay involved in Whitehall.

She also consistently lies about event in public forums which then get written up into the minutes and included in media coverage which is, in effect, re-writing history.


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