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Friday, July 11, 2008

Shame, Shame, Shame

A local apartment complex will be added to the Wall of Shame.

Two days ago I received an urgent call for help. A man disabled by mental illness is facing immediate eviction. Is he being evicted because he is a disruptive tenant? No. Is it because he doesn't pay his rent on time? No. The reason for his eviction - his 9 1/2 year old prescribed, emotional service dog looks too much like a pit bull according to the complex manager. This dog wasn't identified or evaluated by any animal professional in order to make this determination. In fact, the dog's Vet states the dog is nothing more than a mutt. The complex manager has made this determination which will greatly impact the life of this man and his dog.
(Perhaps I should ask her to do the locking jaw test)

The details of this situation makes it that more shameful. This man has lived in this apartment for NINETEEN years. The dog, who is recovering from mammary cancer and spends her days laying on the couch watching tv, has been living in this apartment for nine years. In nine years there has never been any type of aggression issues with humans or animals.

When this gentleman renewed his lease in November 2007, he thought he was renewing the same lease that he had signed for the past 18 years. The manager pointed out the changes in monthly rental fees but never mentioned the newly added breed restrictions or that his dog would be considered one of the disallowed breeds. Instead, seven months later, he is slapped with an eviction notice.

What is even more shameful - the Department of Fair Housing allows this type of treatment of disabled tenants.

Shame on you CSC Apartments and shame on you Department of Fair Housing.

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