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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Toledo Blade calls for the end of Skeldon's reign

Lucas County is a long way from central, Ohio but we couldn't resist posting and agreeing with the sentiments from the Toledo Blade today...
New dog warden needed

AS THE recent killing of a Point Place family pet makes perfectly clear, the first recommendation from the committee formed to suggest ways to improve the Lucas County dog warden's office must be a change at the top.
It is time for Tom Skeldon to go.

The Feb. 10 death by tranquilizer dart of Princess, a 10-pound Pomeranian-beagle mix that had gotten loose from its home, gave the county's dog warden a chance to show remorse, sympathy, understanding, and flexibility. Instead, after a cursory "sorry," he dug in his heels and blindly defended his department's policies.
It is through such policies, particularly a narrowly envisioned crusade against pit bulls, that Mr. Skeldon has developed a reputation as an uncaring zealot.

Please read the entire article HERE

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