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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whitehall Pit Bull ban fails for second time.

Good news for dogs and responsible dog owners in Whitehall, OH as Whitehall City Council AGAIN votes down Jacquelyn Thompson's discriminatory and completely ineffective pit bull ban. We'll post more news stories as they become available but here are a few so far:

Updated: 7/22/09 9:06 PM
2nd article in Whitehall News about Jacquelyn Thompson which references HELP FIDO.

A special thank you, by the way, to Ms. Thompson and her cohorts for continually mentioning us (although all lies) in Whitehall City Council meetings and to the local media. Every time that happens, hits to our blog and website increase substantially and we are able to reach many more responsible dog owners of all breeds. Yes, we care about the horribly abused pit bull population; but fighting breed specific legislation is merely one part of what we do. Yes, we are concerned about what happens in Whitehall; but our concern stretches far beyond the reach of Ms. Thompson. And yes, we have been critical of Ms. Thompson in the past, but it has always been on the issues at hand and constitutionally protected free speech.

HELP FIDO is about helping all dogs and dog owners. Below is the full description of our goals.

HELP FIDO is a non-profit organization based in Central Ohio which seeks to promote a healthy relationship between dogs and citizens, especially those dogs often targeted for breed discrimination.

Our goals include improving public safety, decreasing dog bites, decreasing euthanasia rates, eliminating animal abuse, and decreasing overpopulation. Additionally, we work to change the public perception of bully breeds, end dog fighting, increase the numbers of bully ambassadors, and end breed specific legislation.

We do this through a 360-degree approach to the humane and human community, including dog owners, media, legislators and general public. We work with and coordinate existing community resources, as well as identify gaps and implement new programs where necessary. These efforts include voluntary spay/neuter and microchip programs, supporting rescue and adoption, obedience classes, responsible ownership, and dog bite prevention classes.

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Citizen Journalist Whitehall, OH said...

Thank You for this well explained Mission Statement of Help Fido. It only takes one nasty comment to try to destroy the good of what your organization is doing, so anyone who is just now hearing about Help Fido can now learn the truth of your organization.

These are the dogs of HELP FIDO...our dogs...this is why we are here...