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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's like deja vu all over again.

HELP FIDO was in attendance at last evening's City Council meeting in Whitehall, OH. Everyone's favorite council person, Jacquelyn Thompson, was in her typical form spotting lies about anyone that opposes her desire to ban "pit bulls" from the city and making up "facts" or retellings myths on the fly to support for nonsensical rants. This is Ms. Thompson's second attempt to pass a "pit bull" ban and nothing has changed from last year, when it failed on a 6-2 vote. Breed specific legislation does not work and is opposed by every reputable dog organization out there. Rather than waste everyone's time rehashing this debate in Whitehall, please take a look at our blog posts about it from last year.

To show just how looney-tunes Ms. Thompson is, take a look at this fine blog from the good folks over at Citizen Journalist CJT.


Anonymous said...

Councilwoman Thompson just needs to get over the fact that her pit bull legislation was defeated last year and will be defeated again.
Good and decent legislation will always rise to the top and bad legislation will continue to stay on the bottom.
BSL violates constitutional rights of dog owners and promotes ineffective and inefficient animal enforcement. BSL does not work.
"Help Fido" has been INSTRUMENTAL in microchipping, immunizations, and training. It is a wonderful organization where members are dedicated to providing humane conditions for all dogs.
As a citizen of Whitehall and a constituent of Councilwoman Thompson, I am requesting that Councilwoman Thompson stop this insane and illogical fight for BSL and stop harassing respected animal protection organizations.

Brian Cluxton said...

Annaleigh - thanks for your kinds words. We would like to be even more involved in dog welfare and education in Whitehall but Ms. Thompson has made that extremely difficult over the past 10 months or so.

Pibble said...

Buckeyes in and around Whitehall, there is an answer to the riddle of Ms. Thompson...vote her out of office, campaign and support a candidate to oppose her in the next election and send a message to her loud and clear and one she's certain to understand.

Brian and HelpFido...keep up the incredible work you're doing!

Janiece said...

Pibble, the citizens of Whitehall will eventually get Ms. Thompson out of office, even if we "have" to wait until her time for re-election comes. It would be so much easier if she would just step down, after all, over half of the town is fed up with her insanity. And yes, Whitehall loves Help Fido, they have done good things in Whitehall and hopefully we will get to see more of it!!!! Keep up the good work!

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