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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just do it - get involved!

I know it's sometimes difficult, when facing a large problem such as dog and cat overpopulation or irresponsible dog ownership, to get frustrated and overwhelmed - not knowing where to start.  I've definitely felt that way at times in our work starting up HELP FIDO and other issues in the past (both animal related and non-animal related).  However, everyone in HF has come to realize that the key is to simply get started.  For example, we had been talking for a couple months about having a low-cost microchip clinic in Whitehall Ohio.  After Anna sat in on teleconference with Ken Foster (the author of "Dogs I Have Met" and other books) we followed his advice to "just do it" and went ahead and set a date of September 13th to have a microchip clinic in Whitehall.  Some members of HF had done this in the past but we hadn't as a group, so the logistics of everything were a bit intimidating at first.  But, with a deadline in place, we had no choice but to make it happen.  And the result? A rousing success!  We microchipped 44 dogs (just about every breed under the sun) at $10 a piece and everything went off without a hitch; we also were able to talk to people about the importance of spay/neuter and other issues.  BTW - if anyone else out there is thinking of doing something like this, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to give you some advice on things we learned. 

Likewise, we've also found that the key to getting involved in your local communities and working to influence citizens, City Council, State Legislatures and Congress is really simple - go to meetings, stay after, talk to your respresentatives, call or email their offices (calls are more effective).  Thanks to Brent Toellner, Michelle Davis and others for that piece of advice. Honestly, most people will listen to you and are receptive - not all, but most.  Just by doing these things, HF has already accomplished so much in a short period of time and we look forward to doing more.  


Anna Cluxton said...

Excellent points Brian! We are still new at this but we are learning every day!

Caveat said...


Over-analysis and fear of failure (along with the scope of the mission) keep a lot of people who care from taking the plunge and becoming active in important issues.

Democracy is not heritable or guaranteed - each generation must fight to preserve liberty and equality anew.

Congratulations on a successful event and keep up the good work!

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