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Thursday, September 11, 2008

In Memory of K-9 Officer Marty Martin

Today has been a difficult day. First, today is the 7th Anniversary of September 11th. This brings to mind many images for all Americans. We should always remember the bravery shown that day by the first responders, police officers, fire fighters, medics and other personnel as well as the people that lost their lives that day. Also, we should always remember the Search and Rescue dogs that served in both Washington and New York City in the days following 9/11, searching for survivors.
Today has been difficult for another reason - a great Deputy Sheriff, Certified Police Dog Instructor, husband, father and friend - Marty M. Martin - died in the line of duty this past Saturday. Marty's funeral was earlier today. There were over 1,000 attendees including hundreds of officers from around Ohio and the country. Marty started a Police Dog kennel along with his wife and some friends a few years ago and some of the K-9 Police Dogs were at the funeral as well - simply amazing animals. Marty's wife, Jody, and Anna (another HELP FIDO board member), are both breast cancer survivors and met a few years ago through work with the Young Survival Coalition. So Marty's death, coupled with what Jody and the rest of Marty's family is going through right now, really hit home for Anna and me. Please keep Marty, Jody, their 6 year old son Kyle, their special dogs ~ Bul, his retired K-9 Unit dog, Charly his competition sport dog, Sydney, Tess, Tak, Tigra and Brita, and many Liberty Hoeve Kennel canines ~ and all of their friends and family in your thoughts and prayers.
On this day of days - a heartfelt thank you to both Marty and Jody for the bravery they have shown in their work and in battling cancer, and being such great people.
**If you would like to read more or for ways to help Jody - you can see Anna's blog.**


Rinalia said...

My thoughts are with the family - what a tragedy. :(

Crabapple Blossoms said...

Thank you for this tribute to Marty. I hadn't seen him (or Bul) in a few years ... since he last visited Wisconsin. For some reason he came to mind this afternoon. I realized it has been three months since we all lost him.

We still pray for Jody and Kyle. We still miss Marty. May God be with everyone who loved him.

These are the dogs of HELP FIDO...our dogs...this is why we are here...