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Sunday, May 2, 2010

HumaneWatch.org - Telling the truth about HSUS

We've addressed this topic in the past as part of the Michael Vick case and HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) has been a target of other humane organizations and animal welfare groups for a long time. But recently, HSUS has come under even more attack and for good reason. KC Dog Blog does an excellent job outlining many of the reasons. In the past couple months, a new website - HumaneWatch.org has launched which is a collaborated effort by many people to be a "watchdog" for HSUS.

HSUS is VERY slick in their marketing efforts. It wasn't until 4 or 5 years ago that I found out the truth about them and their director, Wayne Pacelle. I'm now embarrassed to admit I gave money to HSUS in the past. Although Anna and I have cared about animals and dogs for a long time, it wasn't until the past 5 years where we began to get more involved in dog issues after adopting one and then two rescued pit bulls and migrating through the many problems with Breed Specific Legistlation. As I read more and talked to more people, I quickly realized that there is HUGE difference between our (and likely yours as well) local Humane Societies and HSUS. The Capital Area Humane Society in Columbus, for example, has absolutely nothing to do with the HSUS. They receive zero dollars from HSUS and are completely independent from them. The ONLY thing they share is part of a name. We quickly stopped giving money to HSUS and now only give money to local Humane organizations where we know exactly where the dollars are going. HSUS is not at all what they seem or what many donors think they are. I encourage everyone to check out HumaneWatch.org and think carefully about where your donations go. If you'd like to join our email list, please send an email to helpfido@gmail.com.


Amanda K said...

Read about the CCF who runs Humanewatch:

The CCF also runs watchdog groups for MADD (CCF says drunk driving isn't a problem - ironic that the head of Humanewatch was recently convicted of DUI). the CDC (the CCF was upset the CDC recommends junk food vending machines not be in schools) and the head of the CCF testified against the Americans with Disabilities Act -- they are funded by big business and will smear any group that they view as a threat (research Richard Berman and see what his own son says about his smear campaigns)

From someone who lost a family member recently becasue of a drunk driver, I'm sorry to see you side with a group like this.

Brian Cluxton said...

Thank you for the information, Amanda K. I'm very sorry to hear about your family member.

We will be sure to review this information and post an update on HumaneWatch. While this is troubling news about their funding, I can't say I've disagreed with much of the content on HW and it is consistent with other HSUS critics. My main point remains the same - I don't believe people should give their money to HSUS but instead to local Humane Societies. And I do not trust anything Wayne Pacelle says or does.

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Helen Smith said...

Thanks for sharing the information about humanwatch.org. It's troubling to know some thing like this, but I hope you continue your effort of supporting other animal control organizations.
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