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Friday, November 6, 2009

Whitehall Election Results- GO BULLY!!

The people of Whitehall have spoken!!!!

On Tuesday November 3, 2009, the fine people of the city of Whitehall came out in full force to make it known that no one will bully them, intimidate them, or embarrass their city. They voted 74.8% to 25.2% to recall city councilwoman Jackie Thompson in Whitehall's first ever recall election, and the first recall in Columbus since 1998. Ms. Thompson, as many of you may know, sponsored two proposed pit bull bans for the city over the last year, both of which failed.

Ms. Thompson was immediately relieved of her position the night of November 3rd once the election results were certified. When questioned about her recall, she responded, "If they think this is going to put an end to it, no, it's not. I intend to run for mayor." Although, many of her opponents do not think that she has the public support to pull it off, especially in light of the recent election results. One other interesting note, the current Whitehall Mayor, John Wolfe, gave $500 left over from his campaign funds to the efforts to recall Ms. Thompson, stating, "I felt it was a just cause." The city council has 30 days to appoint Ms. Thompson's replacement.

In other election news, Robert Bailey was elected to a four year term in his current appointed position on the Whitehall city council. Mr. Bailey sponsored recent positive changes in Whitehall vicious and dangerous dog laws and is opposed to breed specific legislation.

Also, Leslie Lacorte lost her bid for re-election to the Whitehall city council 58.4% to 41.6% to her opponent (former high school teacher and basketball coach VanGregg). Although Ms. Lacorte has been very passionate about her role as Parks and Recreation director and has made some good progress in this position, many think her close association with Jackie Thompson was her ultimate downfall. (Especially in light of Ms. Thompson's recent objections to Mr. VanGregg running against Ms. Lacorte.) Ms. Lacorte was the only other council member along with Ms. Thompson to support the pit bull ban in Whitehall and voted yes to the proposed ban legislation both times it was introduced.

Now a little personal editorial concerning the recent election and Ms. Thompson's assault on the people who live and work in Whitehall, in particular her assault on me. Over the past few months leading up to the recall, Ms. Thompson has been putting forth information on the Internet and distributing fliers in print that contain quotes attributed to me. These quotes are not only taken out of context to benefit her position, but they are SIGNIFICANTLY altered from their original form. She also has consistently referred to me following the quotes as "Whitehall Pit Bull Vet.". Although I have had much experience with bully breeds, they are not, by any means, my only patients. I treat all breeds of dogs from Chihuahuas, to Golden Retrievers, to Great Danes, as well as cats and the occasional rabbit, ferret or bird. I have also had experience with exotic/zoo animals and farm/large animals. She wants the people of Whitehall to think that I solely treat bully breeds and puts that information forward in a negative light. Ms. Thompson refuses to acknowledge my proper credentials in her public rants. I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine or DVM, and my years of training, schooling and experience should afford me the respect of being addressed as such, even when being misquoted. However, Ms. Thompson is not concerned with the issue of respect unless it pertains directly to her. Further, I would like to thank C.J. Thompson, Citizen Journalist, for helping to put forth election materials that show the public how Ms. Thompson has continued to harass many individuals over the course of her time on city council.

All in all, a good day at the office for bully lovers!!! Just goes to show how important it is to get out there and VOTE!!

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