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Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Education Program - Franklin County

As detailed in this article in the Columbus Dispatch, Franklin County Animal Care and Control is starting a new program beginning in January - "instead of paying a fine of as much as $150 for having a loose, unlicensed or un-vaccinated dog or failing to control a dog, owners will have the option of taking a class on how to be a responsible caregiver." While Franklin County and the State of Ohio have a long way to go to reach the successful programs of a city such as Calgary, this is definitely a good step in the right direction. By educating people, or actually rehabilitating them, we may be making the first inroads towards ultimately achieving more responsible ownership. Another thing that could be impacted by this could be the number of dogs abandonded in the animal shelter. These dogs are often then adopted out IF they pass the behavior test (and IF they are not "of a breed associated with pit bulls"). But that leaves a bunch of "IF's" and ultimately does not address the problems of un-vaccinated dogs running loose. Nor does it address the culture of "throw away ownership" that can be perpetuated with high fines.
By offering an alternative, we hope that many goals will be achieved and that ultimately the dogs of Frankin County will benefit.
Two paws up!

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