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Monday, October 13, 2008

Johnstown, Ohio... got pets? Heads up!

Last Tuesday night Johnstown Village Council tabled an ordinance that was to limit the total number of pets (dogs or cats) to 4 per household, limit the number of ‘Pit Bull type’ dogs to 1 per household, and place restrictions on ‘exotic’ pets as well.

The manager of the Licking County village, Sarah Phillips was quoted in the Columbus Dispatch saying, “the ordinance was drafted to address problems with pit bulls, but she acknowledged that it could ensnare otherwise-law-abiding animal lovers." Oddly enough the only recent ‘Pit Bull’ incident was in early spring of this year where two unconfined dogs, "presumed Pit Bulls," killed another dog.

Paula with Second Chance Humane Society (located in Johnstown) gave a very thorough and informational testimony. She noted that it was unlikely that Licking County animal control would enforce legislation beyond what is laid out in the Ohio Revised Code, without an addition contract with the village for providing additional services.

Several very informed Johnston residents came out and spoke in opposition to the proposed ordinance. There wasn’t a single person who spoke in favor of any of the measures in the proposed ordinance. Those who spoke agreed the passage of limit laws only guarantees an increase in homeless pets, and people “dumping” house pets in the rural area.

Looks like Johnstown will be making some changes to the proposed legislation and it will be presented again on Tuesday October, 21st.

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